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    I was an Android user for 7+ years and switched to a 6S+ about 3 months ago. Love the battery life and the fact that I'm not constantly troubleshooting problems. The iPhone excels at 2 things: 1) Doing what it is supposed to do; and 2) Not doing things it is not supposed to do.

    I really struggle with the static grid of icons that only sort top -> left and the almost complete lack of any way to customize the user interface. I'll throw the lack of actionable notifications under that same bus.

    The other big issue I have is with having to use iTunes to transfer content to the phone. I can use cloud services to move some stuff around, but most content has to be transferred via iTunes. It's my phone; I paid for it, just give me access to the file system already.

    The iPhone is what the iPhone is...which is an excellent smartphone that is very dependable. The only time I am not happy with my 6S+ is when I expect it to be something it is not.
    Haven't tried to transfer my music yet. My laptop has been going crazy on me, and we're blocked from downloading itunes, etc at work. I have probably 15-20gb of music on my memory card. But I've read so much about itunes headache, I may just forget about it.
    01-11-2017 11:47 AM
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