1. baseballbert's Avatar
    I was playing a game on the phone and the back got pretty warm. Is this normal? The phone isn't that old.

    09-25-2016 02:03 PM
  2. Tartarus's Avatar
    Yes this is quite normal. Some games request a lot of processing power from both the processor as the graphics processor of your device. I have a 7 Plus and notice the same as you.
    09-25-2016 02:31 PM
  3. baseballbert's Avatar
    Nice, that saves me a trip to the ATT store for a replacement!
    09-25-2016 04:08 PM
  4. Tartarus's Avatar
    It does indeed. I don't want to sound a know-it-all but devices getting hot is inherent to technology.
    Same goes for laptops, computers, graphics card and even cars.
    The faster you go or the more power you require from the device/car the hotter it gets.
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    09-25-2016 04:11 PM
  5. amzi160586's Avatar
    I've been experiencing similar issues. I called Apple Tech Support but after running their standard diagnostics everything seemed normal so they said that its normal behaviour when playing graphic intensive games.
    09-28-2016 01:48 AM
  6. Damien_Eternal's Avatar
    Getting warm is very much a normal thing when playing games or using CPU intensive apps. However if it is getting warm enough that it becomes uncomfortable, that is a different thing entirely. Anything that works hard like that will get warm, be it a phone, computer, mechanical equipment, etc. They all have their heat limits on what is safe and what isnt. With a phone that limit is when it gets uncomfortable to hold in your hands. IF it starts doing that, get it looked at.
    10-04-2016 10:46 AM

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