1. amr ashraf mostafa's Avatar
    When i want to send a photo using what's app, there is usually a delay while uploading the photo from the gallery.
    What is the readon for that?
    09-06-2016 08:26 AM
  2. amr ashraf mostafa's Avatar
    Too many time to upload a photo from whats app?-imoreappimg_20160906_152744.jpg

    That is what appears to me why me uploading
    What is the reason?
    09-06-2016 08:28 AM
  3. Jeroen7's Avatar
    Can you send normal messages?
    09-06-2016 08:57 AM
  4. amr ashraf mostafa's Avatar
    Can you send normal messages?
    What do you mean by normal message?
    My inquiry is about the delay while uploading a photo to whats app to send it to someone.
    09-06-2016 05:51 PM
  5. Tartarus's Avatar
    If I'm right, you're in Egypt.

    It could be your carrier or internet service provider. Have you perhaps changed any DNS settings or proxy ?
    09-06-2016 05:58 PM
  6. Jeroen7's Avatar
    I meant, are you able to sent a textmessage true whatsapp. it could be that your provider blocked whatsapp entirely.
    09-07-2016 06:51 AM
  7. amr ashraf mostafa's Avatar
    Yes i can send normal messages
    It may be a problem with the service provider
    Because it is ok when using the wifi
    Only problem when using the cellular data.
    09-07-2016 11:31 AM

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