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    EDIT (I guess I should have titled it as a brief comparison of android and iOS too)

    This is day number 4 with an iphone. I spent the last 10 years with PocketPC, Blackberry and Android devices.

    I'm coming from S7 Edge and for the most part, I'm very happy with my decision to move to a 6s Plus.

    I'm noticing what was better with the S7E and android. I'm also noticing how much more I appreciate the build of an iphone and the 'it just works' attitude that comes with the phone.

    I'm really struggling with back button withdrawals. I'm on iOS 10 (public beta whatever). I find it annoying to have to press a physical button to go back or tapping it twice to bring up a previous app. That's probably been the biggest hurdle in switching to an iphone.

    Audio is much better with an iphone than it was with the S7E. It's not the best audio (especially with the dual front facing speaker phones out there) but it's waaaay better than the S7E in regards to speaker. Headphones out of iphone are better as well.

    Camera was better with S7E but I'm more concerned with audio. iphone camera is more than i need and I'm not disappointed.

    Battery life was great with s7E but iphone has it beat for my use.

    Every single app that I used in android is available for iOS. awesome. Google movies and google music are my go-tos and they work great...even the swipe up audio controls in iOS control google music.

    I'm bummed that I don't have a notification light.

    I'm bummed that I can't figure out a way to move hi-res FLAC files to iphone. Haven't searched web to find a solution.

    Itunes is horrible. I'm sorry. It's just nasty.

    It just works. I'm not chasing dragons, trying to find a way to get the latest software, only to find that a wakelock is killing my battery with the new update on Android.

    I'll have to search this forum for solutions to my data file transfer blues but I think I'll be sticking with this phone until this time next year.
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    Hey man welcome aboard yes I was with BlackBerry for years until I got fed up with No updates and laggy performance now have a 6s and am most pleased good updates and nicer camera and as they say everything just Works I miss the notification light also but got over it would be nice if someday Apple introduced this feature never liked Android and feel right at home with IOS .Enjoy .
    08-09-2016 06:31 AM

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