1. anon(7901790)'s Avatar
    After setting up my phone I noticed that I almost all of my contacts have duplicates. How do I merge them? Is there a find duplicates function?

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    01-01-2016 12:40 AM
  2. shreff86's Avatar
    01-01-2016 08:24 AM
  3. anon(7901790)'s Avatar
    Thx. I'll give it a try.
    01-01-2016 11:24 AM
  4. anon(7901790)'s Avatar
    I tried it. It wouldn't allow me to merge contacts. I did find this one though. Contacts Duster. It's free, and the free version allows you to merge multiple duplicates without having to purchase. The in app advertisements are rather aggressive and it tries to make you post to Facebook, however, if you take a second or two to actually look, it will allow you to continue without posting or buying anything.
    01-01-2016 04:12 PM
  5. Steven Crowder's Avatar
    Hi gernertii. Also you could try Mergix app. No aggressive advertisement as you can add one device for free. It really saved a lot of time for me.
    04-06-2016 08:27 AM

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