1. Superjudge's Avatar
    So yesterday, I noticed my phone would mysteriously jump back an hour. I rebooted and it was fine. A few hours later, it had jumped back again. Airplane mode on off and it had the right time. Today more of the same. I switched time zones from Indiana(location based) to manual and selected eastern(NYC) which switched it to the right time but that was only a half hour ago so I will watch it. My girlfriend was an hour late to work because her phone did the same thing. I have to get up at 4am for a flight tomorrow so I'm pretty nervous. Gonna have to buy an alarm clock. Anyone else seeing a similar issue? I can't help but think it has something to do with the upcoming DST switch.
    10-31-2015 02:24 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Have you moved around from a county that is Eastern Time to a county that is Central Time?

    Indiana has some really unusual time zones. Location geographically doesn't necessarily correspond to time zone.

    Perhaps your GPS is placing you in an adjacent county that has a different time zone.
    10-31-2015 02:35 PM
  3. Superjudge's Avatar
    Yeah Indiana has a couple time zones but I haven't had an issue with any iPhone from the 4s on keeping track of the correct time. It suddenly just started happening yesterday. GPS seems to be working fine. My girlfriend also said it happened to her coworkers boyfriend too. I'll report it to Apple. Something is definitely wrong.
    10-31-2015 02:39 PM

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