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    Hi Guys,

    Decisions Decisions .... I am currently swapping and changing between the 6s and the 6s plus. I just cant decide !

    Only thing I dont like about the 6s plus is the the size. It just doesn't feel 100% comfortable. But the battery and screen are both amazing!!

    The thing I like about the 6s is that its so much more manageable in the hand. But the battery is shocking ?

    Whats your thoughts, anyone else had this problem before ? What was your deciding factor ?
    10-16-2015 04:56 AM
  2. DX9's Avatar
    Honestly after getting used to the size I can't go back to a smaller phone. I had the iPhone 6 for like 8 months then went to a Note 5 for a month and now the 6S Plus. I have a slim case on the phone. Makes it feel good. I can't stand a big case. It's a no brainer for me with the great screen and battery.

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    10-16-2015 06:02 AM
  3. steven2014's Avatar
    What case are you using? Perhaps a thinner case my help.
    10-16-2015 06:07 AM
  4. cwbcpa's Avatar
    I had the 6 plus last time and went with the 6s this time. I like both for different reasons. It is really a personal choice. You have to think about what you value the most. If having the screen size and extra battery life is worth a little bit of discomfort in carrying a larger phone then go Plus. I get very good battery life out of my 6s so I have no complaints at all in that regard. I easily make it through a 10-12 hour workday without charging if needed. I don't have to do that since I have outlets and battery backups, but I could.

    And I have also come from carrying a long line of Note phones in addition to the 6 Plus.

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    10-16-2015 06:21 AM
  5. DX9's Avatar
    What case are you using? Perhaps a thinner case my help.
    Obliq Slim Meta. Check on Amazon. Pretty cheap and a nice case

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    10-16-2015 06:48 AM
  6. gvndeb60's Avatar
    If you do not need the bigger battery I can see the allure of the 6S. But I need the battery so it is a no brainier for me and even though the size is a little big, just choose a thinner case with some grip and it is not an issue.

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    10-16-2015 06:50 AM
  7. anon(9208252)'s Avatar
    Honestly once you use the 6s plus for a few days you will find it very hard to go back to the smaller phone. The plus rocks
    10-16-2015 08:10 AM
  8. dchandler's Avatar
    I have the 6s plus with a Apple leather case and it feels amazing in the hand, I didn't like the size at first but I gave it some time and now I couldn't picture myself using anything smaller. The iPhone 6s Plus is a little slippery without a case but that's when you have to decide which case to buy lol

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    10-16-2015 08:27 AM
  9. bones467's Avatar
    Hey I had the same problem, I went for the 6 in the end as I have new super portable Macbook and want a new iPad soon so if I know I'm doing stuff out and about id have them otherwise I wanted a phone that could actually fit comfortably in my pocket when out and about, I had a 5s and haven't really noticed much difference with battery, maybe slightly better the 6 but I'm happy with what i have.... plus a tiny bit cheaper
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    10-16-2015 08:43 AM
  10. steven2014's Avatar
    As much i like the 6s plus I think I am going to try see what I can get out of the 6s. It just feels much better for one handed use.

    Thanks for all the suggestions!
    10-16-2015 11:10 AM
  11. jlgraham's Avatar
    I first purchased the 6S and returned it for the 6S Plus. For me, the extra battery life and having OIS on video was well worth the increase in size. I sail a lot, and on a moving boat, the video quality of the 6S Plus is noticeably smoother than the 6S, and my Plus has been lasting nearly 2 full days between charges.

    Though for reference, I should mention I'm probably not your average user. For one thing, I switched from an Android phone (Moto X 2014) with a 5.2" screen, so since my previous phone was right in between the 6S and 6S Plus in terms of size, moving to a large phone like the Plus wasn't that much of a transition. I also have pretty large hands, so I can actually use the 6S Plus completely one handed without issue, though obviously, one handed use is still easier on the regular 6S (and the fact that it is so thin and light does make it feel nicer in your hand, especially once you add a case).

    The only thing I really dislike about the Plus is talking on it (ironic for a phone right?). It is a bit uncomfortable to hold a such a large phone up to your face, but I do most of my talking in the car via bluetooth, so it's not a huge deal for me. YMMV
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    10-16-2015 01:06 PM
  12. jsntrenkler's Avatar
    At first I thought the Plus size phones were too big, but honestly after my first day with it there is no way that I can see myself going back. I vote 6s Plus.

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    10-16-2015 01:10 PM
  13. flyinion's Avatar
    I just came to iPhone from a 2014 Moto X which I thought was a great size. So I really had a choice to make, because the actual screen size on that was .5" bigger than the 6s even though the 6s is roughly the same size and actually slightly taller in overall dimensions. I ended up with a Plus for the slightly larger screen size, better battery, and the photographer in me really really wanted the OIS on the camera.
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    10-16-2015 01:15 PM
  14. calebt's Avatar
    Well I’ll chime in on this because I had the 6 for a year and also thought the plus was too big. My sister got the 6 plus so whenever I was visiting her I’d play with it put it in my pocket walk around just trying it out. Fell in love with the screen size, now I have the 6S plus couldn’t be happier, the size does take getting used too, but I think I’m going to order one of those wallet style leather cases and ditch my wallet.
    10-16-2015 04:26 PM
  15. anon(4698833)'s Avatar
    I would definitely go with either the 6s or the 6s Plus myself.
    10-16-2015 05:02 PM
  16. alex15r's Avatar
    Last year I bought both sides...ended up keeping the Plus. This year I did the same thing again. Bought both. Tried each one for a week each and I still kept the Plus.

    Once you use the high resolution screen, bigger keyboard, camera and battery life there the size is well worth it. I normally wear slim fitting pants and have no problem putting the Plus in my pocket. You just have to change some of your habit and just enjoy the Plus life!
    10-16-2015 07:50 PM
  17. EagleFox007's Avatar
    I like the plus because I take a lot of videos and the big advantage of the plus is the OIS built into the hardware. 6S does it too but it's being done through software. The video on the plus is so much smoother. There's a video in YouTube that compares the two and you can see right away the difference. If you're into taking video, then the plus is the best choice. Otherwise, forget what I said. Both phones are excellent choice.
    10-16-2015 09:57 PM
  18. Fit24's Avatar
    I had the 6 Plus and returned it for the 6. The smaller size and the portability of the 6 were more important to me.
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    10-16-2015 11:08 PM
  19. Spencerdl's Avatar
    I have to admit I was overwhelmed with the size of the Plus size at first, and now like most others, I can't imagine going back to a smaller iPhone. I'm using the Black Apple Leather case for my Space Gray 6s Plus, it provides a low profile and much needed grip.
    10-16-2015 11:17 PM
  20. laz305's Avatar
    The only reason to go with the + is if you like watching videos/movies a lot and want to take awesome pics and vidz. If not you're better off with the 6 IMO.
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    10-16-2015 11:26 PM
  21. laz305's Avatar
    The only reason to go with the + is if you like watching videos/movies a lot and want to take awesome pics and vidz. If not you're better off with the 6 IMO.
    10-16-2015 11:26 PM
  22. AugustVance's Avatar
    I am not going to lie, I first got the 6s, then I decided I wanted to go back to the + size. Now after having the + back for a few days I remember why I decided to get the 6s from the get go. Im still undecided.
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    10-17-2015 02:12 AM
  23. vix2012's Avatar
    It's really a personal choice so you need to think what appeals you the most. Battery timing and size does not matters and if I would be buying iPhone then I prefer having 6s.
    10-17-2015 06:52 AM
  24. hopesrequiem's Avatar
    I had the 6s first and found myself needing more battery. I also tended to squint at the smaller display as well. LOVING the 6s plus. It's not my first big phone though. I had owned a few Samsung Galaxy Note's so it was easier to get used to. I like to play racing games and this phone makes them so intense! No desire to get the smaller one again even though it's easier to hold! The camera benefits and battery life easily make it work while

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    10-17-2015 11:10 AM
  25. Appelflap's Avatar
    I used the iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6 and now the iPhone 6s Plus. Both sizes are good, really. The difference isn't that noticeable for day to day usage IMHO. There's only one thing you can't do well on a regular size iPhone and that's eReading. That's why I went with the plus size. I love to read books on it.
    10-18-2015 12:07 AM
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