1. BreakingKayfabe's Avatar
    If you were using a 6 or 6 Plus on T-Mobile and since upgraded to a 6S or 6S Plus, how would you describe your coverage now? Better, worse, about the same?

    Just taking a sample survey to help my decision in a month or so when I decide to switch carriers.
    10-09-2015 06:44 PM
  2. Beyond Fire's Avatar
    Coverage seems the same to me from what I've noticed.

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    10-09-2015 07:28 PM
  3. EmceeGeek's Avatar
    The new band in the 6s connects to the new 700mhz network from T-Mobile. So you should definitely see the difference if you're in the coverage area. It's 2x faster for sure.
    10-10-2015 12:36 AM
  4. allipki's Avatar
    Chicago area, NO any changes. I was hoping to see some improvement but same as I had 6 plus.
    Maybe someone from 700mhz area could comment on it.
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    10-10-2015 10:12 AM
  5. SnapThrow's Avatar
    Same, but no band 12 where I live and work... yet
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    10-10-2015 02:27 PM
  6. jabz9's Avatar
    No band 12 near me.... Yet

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    10-10-2015 04:11 PM
  7. norulesjustgo's Avatar
    It seems that coverage is a little worse. I had 5 bars of LTE at work when I had my 6. Since upgrading to the 6S Plus I only get 3. Also the speed of the internet seems to be slower too. I did a speed test on the 6 and I was getting 75MBPS, now I only get around 15-ish.
    10-11-2015 10:37 PM
  8. RobbyRob's Avatar
    I'm in an extended area and I don't notice a difference in buildings. The Note 5 was getting coverage in places where my 6s+ needs to be on wifi calling.

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    10-11-2015 11:01 PM
  9. sudbury78's Avatar
    I find it to be worse but it could be placebo. Phoenix doesn't have band 12 which sucks. I'm going back to Verizon for iPhone 7. Love my unlimited data but not at trade off of signal lots of places.

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    10-12-2015 05:21 AM
  10. neurodave's Avatar
    My area? It's debatable. Some places I go too have gained a "dot" of coverage. My home remained the same as far as bars are concerned but speeds have gone up slightly. In NY is where the change is noticeable though. Band 12 is sporadically spread around Queens and Brooklyn. One moment speeds are okay, next they're flying. I'm sure once it becomes more readily available we'll all begin to feel the difference.
    10-12-2015 07:53 AM
  11. David Malka's Avatar
    Anyone here in Miami area?
    10-12-2015 08:14 AM
  12. Kevin O'Quinn01's Avatar
    No Band 12 in my area, but I'm getting better coverage than I was with the Galaxy S6. FWIW
    10-12-2015 08:03 PM

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