1. KelseyRo4's Avatar
    I usually always have a screen protector on my phone, but with the 3-D touch and supposedly stronger glass, I don't really want to use one with this phone. Is anybody else forgoing the screen protector?
    09-27-2015 12:07 AM
  2. RECON1's Avatar
    Nope. I will be using a screen protector still.
    09-27-2015 12:29 AM
  3. MiXoLoGiSt's Avatar
    I'm running a screen protector and always will. I like my stuff to stay in the best condition possible.

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    09-27-2015 01:57 AM
  4. TechnoMTB's Avatar
    I like to protect the screen too but I have to admit that the 'naked' iPhone screen is definitely better, is beautiful! I hate to be obliged to protect it.

    Inviato dal mio iPad utilizzando Tapatalk
    09-27-2015 02:51 AM
  5. KelseyRo4's Avatar
    I put a tempered glass protector on it, out of sheer paranoia. *sigh* it does take away from the screen quality
    09-27-2015 03:57 AM
  6. Sekelani Zwambila's Avatar
    Yep. Always will and always have. I'm pretty cautious with my devices

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    09-27-2015 05:12 AM
  7. Lyall Demorrow's Avatar
    I feel like the need to use a screen protector is more than ever with 3D Touch. Before 3D Touch I would try my best to touch the screen gently and swipe lightly, now I'm pressing fairly hard on the screen and swiping not so lightly. One little piece of sand on the screen or my thumb and there goes my beautiful new iPhone's screen. Maybe if I worked in an office and never went outdoors, I woud use my phone naked.
    09-27-2015 06:15 AM
  8. bboykin87's Avatar
    The HD screen protectors by Tech Armor are pretty good and they don't take away from the screen quality. I've used them since the 5S and they have been great. I get them off Amazon for about $7 for a 3 pack. and they are Prime! Lol

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    09-27-2015 06:20 AM
  9. EagleFox007's Avatar
    I only used it once. It makes your phone looks ugly or dirty when you get some bubbles or if you don't apply it correctly. Been using iPhone since the 3G model and I only tried it once with 3GS. When iPhone 4 came out, I stopped using it. Never had a scratch on the glass of my phone and will never plan to use it again ever even with my new iPhone 6S plus. Well, that's just me.
    09-27-2015 07:03 AM
  10. bailbrae's Avatar
    Nope. I have had Applecare+ on my idevices for years. I've never made a claim (knock on wood). But I also wanted to keep them in "like-new" condition...I upgrade every year (launch) and I've either always been under contract, or in an ATT next plan, so I need to sell the old phone to buy out the contract/pay off the next plan.

    This year, I went with the Apple Upgrade Program. And I got the shiny new rose gold. And I have always hated screen protectors. So I'm being daring for once, and rocking it naked. We'll see how it goes.
    09-27-2015 08:23 AM
  11. WeAreAllUnique's Avatar
    Put mine in my Catalyst waterproof case that indeed has a built in screen protector and it will stay in this case for its time with me.

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    09-27-2015 08:45 AM
  12. rahrah12's Avatar
    I have been using the IQ Liquishield for the last few years. I always use a screen protector. I don't like my screens getting a scratched up.
    09-27-2015 09:05 AM
  13. ReeseyKups's Avatar
    I typically don't like screen protectors but I am going to try one just because I am getting it free due to an apple error and the cs advisor offering to send me an accessory in recompense.
    09-27-2015 10:38 AM
  14. WeAreAllUnique's Avatar
    I just put the Zagg HDX on mine. It has been years since I've done one myself. Was really easy and it looks nice. It's supposed to be self-healing too..

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    09-27-2015 10:42 AM
  15. qbnkelt's Avatar
    I've got a screen protector on it. I would never use my phone without protecting it as much as possible.

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    09-27-2015 11:04 AM
  16. raphie's Avatar
    Never have used one. I have always hated applying them. I am pretty gentle user and never had any issues on screens.
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    09-27-2015 11:16 AM
  17. Lyall Demorrow's Avatar
    I just put the Zagg HDX on mine. It has been years since I've done one myself. Was really easy and it looks nice. It's supposed to be self-healing too..

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    How is 3D Touch working with the HDX? The rep I talked to from Zagg said that he doesn't recommend the HDX because it may not work with 3D Touch.
    09-27-2015 11:20 AM
  18. WeAreAllUnique's Avatar
    How is 3D Touch working with the HDX? The rep I talked to from Zagg said that he doesn't recommend the HDX because it may not work with 3D Touch.
    Works just fine. And it worked fine when I had it in the Catalyst case that came with a built in screen protector.

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    09-27-2015 11:49 AM
  19. ultravisitor's Avatar
    I just installed a Spigen GLAS.tR Slim on my 6s Plus. 3D Touch still works, but I'm not sure I'm crazy about the screen protector. It just seems really small.

    I may end up taking it off in a day or so if it bothers me enough. Oh well. It was only $7.99.
    09-27-2015 12:25 PM
  20. SnapThrow's Avatar
    I have always used screen protectors, currently have a Tech Armor HD Ballistic glass protector on, the screen looks great and 3D Touch works perfect. My neighbor put a "gell" style "privacy screen protector on his 6s and it works perfect too.
    09-27-2015 12:46 PM
  21. shanghaichica's Avatar
    I've got a glass screen protector on. The 3D Touch still works perfectly. The naked screen feels better but I'd rather be safe than sorry. I paid 789 for this thing and I don't want the screen to get cosmetic scratches on it that won't be covered by Apple care plus.
    09-28-2015 07:23 AM
  22. gbdog's Avatar
    I just put a Zagg glass on my 6s plus and now peek works but not pop, I have to lift my finger from the glass and re-touch to open the app. My peek and pop worked as it should before the protector was put on.
    09-28-2015 08:43 PM
  23. Rob Phillips's Avatar
    Never have, and never will. And I've never had a scratched screen either.
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    09-28-2015 09:16 PM
  24. jjtheprince's Avatar
    Right now I have a Spigen Glas.tr slim on my phone & I'm not really liking it because it doesn't cover the whole screen. It was only $8 from Amazon.

    Thinking about ordering one of these:

    CINDER - Products

    Looks awesome, covers the entire screen. $45 is a lot, but I don't want to take any chances with my device.
    09-28-2015 09:21 PM
  25. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    I don't yet. Still weighing my options.

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    09-28-2015 09:33 PM
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