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Nov 25 2019 | 5:43 am EST Rob Phillips

Welcome to iMore! Please do not post IMEI numbers on this forum. Furthermore, we are not affiliated with Apple and can’t help you. If you’ve forgotten your passcode or your device is disabled go here for more info:

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Nov 25 2019 | 5:27 am EST Mars20

Could you give us a few more details?
Nov 25 2019 | 5:38 am EST love4speechless

Could you give us a few more details?
Sounds suss to me. Ijs
Nov 25 2019 | 7:32 am EST Lee_Bo

Imei: [Redacted]
Was said device recently "acquired" from another source? If so you need to go back to that source to get is unlocked.

Other than that and the link @Rob Phillips posted, there's nothing we here at iMore can do.