1. mosack's Avatar
    The pull-up menu is sometimes hard to activate. And every time I try to toggle the screen(vertical/horizontal) when I am watching a video, I will accidentally turn the music so loud often.

    Cuz the bar of controlling the volume is right there, if you did not pull up the menu successfully, you got your ears torn right away.

    Does anybody have the same trouble??
    09-02-2016 02:42 AM
  2. robertk328's Avatar
    I'm not sure how to do what you're doing, so don't have any experience with the same issues. Are you turning the screen with control center up/activated? Maybe you're touching the screen at the same time?
    09-02-2016 05:55 AM
  3. Rob Phillips's Avatar
    Assuming you're talking about Control Center, go to Settings > Control Center, and turn off access within apps. Honestly though, I haven't the slightest idea how you're managing to pull up on control center and turn the volume to max while rotating your phone. Maybe just keep your finger off of your phone while you're watching a video?
    09-02-2016 06:00 AM
  4. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    You won't have the volume issue in iOS 10. You have to swipe left to get to it. If you have difficulties pulling the control center up, you can enable Assistive Touch in Accessibility and do it with that.
    09-02-2016 11:40 AM

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