1. Gadgetgirl38's Avatar
    Lol...what a topic. So here's the thing: I have stayed away from iOS for years due to bad battery life on previous versions of the iPhone. I am so impressed with the 6 right now. I came off charger last evening and have been connected to wifi the entire time, lightly surfed the net, spent over an hour on the phone in 3 separate work related phone calls, responded to emails and texts and still have 71 % left. It says 2hrs and 47 minutes of actual usage and 20 hours and 9 minutes of standby time. For the same usage I had recharged my 4s 3 times in the same day while camping during the long weekend. I charged the 5s twice in the same time period as my usage is standard daily for what I use it for. Mind Blown
    05-30-2016 05:31 PM
  2. anon(9602380)'s Avatar
    They have very decent battery life. I have the 6 and am a fairly heavy user of my phone. I can get a solid 16-20 hours out of my 6. I am moving to the Plus for my next phone and look forward to seeing how a Plus will do.
    05-30-2016 05:40 PM
  3. Algus's Avatar
    I'm pretty happy with my 6s+. It reserves power when idle very well. My Note 3 could easily burn through its entire charge before the end of my work night. I did eventually get some better battery management on it and manage to reserve the battery for my whole shift but then I was throttling the CPU and stuff. With my 6s+ I can play a game on my lunch break, use the phone throughout the night at work, and still have 55-60% charge in the morning. All without having to mess with settings or reduce options.
    05-30-2016 06:10 PM
  4. Gadgetgirl38's Avatar
    my office mate has a Plus and for the first time dare I say that the it may be too big for my liking? I was into the galaxy note series at one point but kept dropping my phone. Due to already having an ipad mini 3 and a surface 3....for my own personal gadget nerd reasons, I can only justify having either by having a phone that isn't quite in the phablet status lol.....I'm a quirky kind of gal :P
    05-30-2016 06:14 PM
  5. Gadgetgirl38's Avatar
    See...that's why I am always torn. It always comes down to battery life with me. The Plus has double the battery size.....but I fear I would drop it and obliterate the screen like I did with my Huawei Mate 2.....I think I sobbed on that one because I had loved that phone. I'm already accident prone.........good thing I'm an RN...I can bandage myself lol
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    05-30-2016 06:17 PM
  6. anon(9602380)'s Avatar
    Age is getting the better of my eyes. Hence the Plus for next phone.
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    05-30-2016 06:32 PM
  7. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    My eyes are in bad shape. I have to put in prescription drops every day. The 6s Plus has been great for my eyes. The battery did great before I wore it down some. I'm a very heavy user from 5:00 am to midnight. I get about 8 hours usage per charge. I was getting 12 hours usage.
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    05-30-2016 07:18 PM

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