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  1. iMore Question's Avatar
    Drops until switched off and on again, even then it struggles to regain signal
    03-11-2016 07:41 AM
  2. Just_Me_D said: Best Answer

    More than likely, you're in an area where the cell signal is weak.
  3. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    More than likely, you're in an area where the cell signal is weak.
    03-11-2016 07:48 AM
  4. Sherry_B's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore!

    Sounds like what Just_Me_D said... you're on the edge of your coverage area, or in a semi-dead zone.
    03-11-2016 08:11 AM
  5. kataran's Avatar
    Check your carriers coverage map and see about performing a network update if one is available
    03-11-2016 10:20 AM
  6. IAmSixNine's Avatar
    Are you by any chance using a T-Mobile iPhone on TMO network?
    03-11-2016 03:15 PM
  7. robertk328's Avatar
    Another thing to check is go to Settings -> About and your phone will check for the latest carrier settings. If there is a new one it will ask you to update.
    Otherwise you might try rebooting your phone by holding the power button and home button down simultaneously until you see the Apple boot logo.

    If neither of those help, then I'd say you're in a fringe coverage area that will be spotty unfortunately.
    03-12-2016 12:07 PM

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