1. Chloe Baker's Avatar
    I've had the io
    Phone six for 9 months now it works perfectly until when I came to charge it, it wouldn't charge and it's now dead and still womt charge but e battery sign is showing ?
    09-11-2015 02:04 PM
  2. qbnkelt's Avatar
    Make sure you're using the original cable. Also, leave it plugged in for a while.

    What happens when you connect it to iTunes? Is it recognised?

    Also how old is the device? Did you buy it new six months ago?
    09-11-2015 02:12 PM
  3. Chloe Baker's Avatar
    I don't the original cable but the cable works in all other phones, I have left it in h30 moms now and still nothing. Nothing comes up when I plug it into iTunes either and I bought it brand new about 9 months ago.
    09-11-2015 02:31 PM
  4. IAmSixNine's Avatar
    The good news is you should still be under warranty. Lets just hope its not liquid damage or crap in the charging port.
    Since the cable works fine with other devices lets focus on the phone.
    Do you have an old tooth brush? Or maybe a tooth pick.
    Grab those and maybe a small flashlight and try to clean inside your data port. Chances are you have something in there preventing it from either connecting in all the way, like lint build up. OR you have corrosion or something preventing the connectors from making contact.

    After you have cleaned it plug it in for a while and see if it turns on or the battery plug in symbol comes on.
    09-11-2015 03:41 PM
  5. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    If you have an air blower, blow out the ports. But don't blow with your mouth.
    09-11-2015 03:55 PM
  6. Septembersrain's Avatar
    Can of air with the little red straw like deal, that'll help get into smaller crevices.

    Sent from my iPad Mini 3 using Tapatalk.
    09-11-2015 05:34 PM

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