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    Has anyone experienced sound glitches, dropouts etc. when listening to mp3's over BT? I just exchanged my iPhone 6 this weekend and the replacement has the same issue. I'll be at the gym, with the phone sitting less than a 1.5ft from my head and it will intermittently glitch for a split second. Sometimes it happens as the screen is dimming or when I'm navigating menus on the phone. It may only happen once or twice in an hour, so not unbearable, but annoying. My music collection is all mp3 format. They're a mixture of ripped CD @ 320kbps CBR and mp3's downloaded from Amazon, which are VBR. Its always a random song that it happens, so it's not a corrupt file scenario.

    Troubleshooting so far:

    * Unpaired/Repaired BT = No change
    * Restored iPhone as new and only loaded music and email = No change
    * Using Jaybird Bluebud X earbuds, Tried LG brand = No change
    * Exchanged Phone @ Apple store = No change

    I've experience this problem through every iOS update leading up to the current 8.4 release.

    The only things in common between the two iPhones are my mp3's, earbuds and the Lifeproof Fre case. Can't be the phone cause I swapped it. Its unlikely two different brands of earbuds have problems and my mp3's play fine on everything else. Surely the lifeproof case isn't causing this? I can't not use the case at the gym, cause I sweat like a pig.
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    07-20-2015 08:11 PM
  2. anon(8708013)'s Avatar
    I've had this happen on occasion, but not too often. When it happens though it's rather disconcerting. Maybe someone will have some insight.
    07-20-2015 09:52 PM
  3. denzilla's Avatar
    Thanks for reporting I linked this thread to the Apple support engineer I've been working with in hopes we can get this problem tracked down.

    Are all your files mp3's or a mixture of file formats?
    07-20-2015 10:15 PM
  4. gordol's Avatar
    Since iOS8.4, I've been experiencing choppiness in BT audio on my iPhone 6 when connecting to my car (Ford Sync, 1st gen) for the first 10 or so seconds, then no problem after that. No such problems prior to 8.4.

    8.4 completely killed BT on my iPad 2, not even a full restore and reinstall from scratch could fix. I had to revert to 8.3 to fix it. The ability to do that was pulled about a week after 8.4 was released.
    07-21-2015 10:34 AM

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