1. melbarre's Avatar
    I have an iPhone6. What size photo does text automatically send for the user? My husband says when I text him a photo my pictures are small, or seem medium in size. However, when I email him my photos they are showing up fine (because I can choose the size). Is there something I need to do to text "original size" photos (just like the email option when I email him a photo)? I appreciate any and all help. Thank you kindly.
    07-01-2015 06:13 PM
  2. Bigeric23's Avatar
    iMessage sends the photo unaltered. When I send a photo via iMessage--taken on my iPhone--I have no issues.
    07-01-2015 07:07 PM
  3. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    I work with photos all the time. I've had no issues with size on iMessage.
    SMS may be different. I don't use that much and haven't checked it for resolution on photos.
    Be sure not to use screenshot. They decrease the resolution size and the quality suffers.
    07-01-2015 08:10 PM

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