1. Targaryen007's Avatar

    Since about 2/3 weeks I'm experiencing strange issues with my keyboard.
    When I'm in the middle of a chat (no matter what app... WhatsApp, Facebook messenger or whatever) sometimes the left side of the keyboard stops to function.
    It seems to ALWAYS occur on the left side of the keyboard.

    - At first I thought it was my screen, but when I push the home button, I can access all the screen space, and when I switch back to the app where the keyboard isn't working... the keyboard is still having issues.

    This issue doesn't happen every time, but just occassionally.
    * I hoped that with 8.3 this issue would be over, but it still occurs every now and then.
    Does anyone else have these keyboard issues?
    04-10-2015 11:47 AM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    I've yet to experience anything like that. Are you certain you're not mistyping on the left side of the screen?
    04-10-2015 02:08 PM
  3. Targaryen007's Avatar
    I've yet to experience anything like that. Are you certain you're not mistyping on the left side of the screen?
    Haha, no... I wasn't drunk.
    I repeatedly pressed several buttons, but most of the left side of the keyboard doesn't work at those kind of moments.
    So it's definitely some sort of bug I assume.
    And since the screen acts perfectly normal again when I minimize the app, it has to be something on the software side.
    04-10-2015 06:16 PM
  4. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    By the way, are you us big the native keyboard or one of the 3rd-party keyboards. If it's the native keyboard, I recommend doing a clean install of iOS 8.3. It also won't hurt to make a Genius Bar appointment with the nearest Apple Store just in case.
    04-10-2015 06:20 PM
  5. Targaryen007's Avatar
    I'm using the native Apple keyboard...
    04-11-2015 04:35 AM
  6. HankAZ's Avatar
    With the assumption that there was no water damage to your phone, it's still under warranty. I'd suggest contacting Apple or visiting a store to have someone look at it.
    04-11-2015 10:34 AM
  7. Joan The B's Avatar
    This has happened to me on three occasions. I just take the sim card out and replace it. Works every time. I googled directions on how to remove the sim card on my phone. Easy
    10-27-2015 07:27 PM
  8. Joan The B's Avatar
    I forgot....be sure to update to IOS9
    10-27-2015 07:29 PM

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