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    Month later and I'm satisfied with the 6. Just a good fit for me

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    01-17-2015 06:05 AM
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    I started with the 6 but was coming from a galaxy 5 so the battery and screen size was a downgrade for me...decided to stick it out the 2 weeks and finally decided that the plus would be better. I loved it...the screen size and battery life were excellent, I really didnt notice much in the camera difference with the 6 and plus though. It obviously was bigger than the 6 but not too much bigger than the galaxy or so I thought. after 2 months with the plus it started to get to the point where it was a hassle. It wasnt as big as it first seemed BUT answering a call with that big phone sucked...for me. I refused to use it for calls...getting it in and out my pocket sucked. The plus deff was a 2 hand operation for everything. It just felt big and wide in my hands. I just purchased a 6 today and I have to say its like a breath of fresh air. Everything is just so much easier. sure I lose out on the battery life but as long as I pay my electric bill every month I can charge it at night
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    01-17-2015 09:19 AM
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    LMAO at "pay my electric bill..."
    01-17-2015 10:48 AM
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