1. x_Neezzy's Avatar
    I recently bought an iPhone 6 otter box defender case and I have to say for my self I like this case. I trust this case to protect my phone. The only things I hated about it are the screen protector and how hard it is to press the volume buttons and sleep button!! It's just ridiculous, I have to add a lot of pressure in order to press through these buttons. The screen protector was just horrible! I popped it out cause I hated the noise it made every time it touched and how hard it was to type. The screen sensitivity was bad with the screen protector on. So I'm asking who ever got the otter box defender case, what do you think of it?
    12-30-2014 01:53 AM
  2. nizmo8o8's Avatar
    Just got mines couple of days ago . Needed a brand name heavy duty case . I to hated the screen protector that came with the the otterbox . Popped it out and got zagg tempered glass screen protector . I find the same cons as you buttons hard to press .
    I was at work the other day talking to co workers about our iPhone 6 and cases so we all had our phones out in the table . They all had slim cases and no case . Mines was the only bulky case . They all hated it and asked me why i got a bulky case . So I picked up my phone and throw it in the parking lot lol threw it about 10 feet and it bounced for another 5ft .They were all like OMG u just threw a 800 dollar phone lol . Picked it up showed it to them and told them that's why I got this case . Of course the case had a few scuff marks on the plastic area . But the phone survived no damage what so ever . I love this case .
    12-30-2014 04:10 AM
  3. Jnorton2724's Avatar
    I purchased an otter box commuter case. Works great so far and doesn't make it to bulky.
    12-30-2014 05:26 AM

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