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    That's true they can probably find me in my account. THANK YOU!!!!!

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    Love helping out when I can!
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    11-16-2014 09:41 AM
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    I guarantee you the actual screen wouldn't have gotten that scratch.
    I don't believe that, though I know folks have different stories.

    Within weeks of owning my iPhone 5, it had a scratch on the screen. It had never been dropped, nobody ever handled it, and it had been in and out of my pocket only. Something must have been in my pocket that rubbed on it, and caused a scratch on the screen.... though it was never in my pocket with anything else. Maybe some dirt or other debris? Who knows. But it happened.

    I put a crystal screen protector on it, and never saw the scratch again (until I had to replace the protector).
    11-16-2014 10:56 AM
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    Go back to Best Buy and tell them. though they would argue because you left the store already.
    I think she was referring to not being able to take credit for the install, not the scratch
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    11-16-2014 10:57 AM
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    Oh I can't claim that!!!!!. The Best Buy guys did it.

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    Register your screen protector on zagg.com. There is a lifetime warranty on the product, all you pay is shipping & you have to send the old one back. It doesn't matter how it happened, Zagg will replace it. It also doesn't matter when you register.
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    11-16-2014 10:23 PM
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    Zagg is amazing! You don't need a receipt or anything. If you haven't already registered, just go on and register it with an approximate date of when you purchased it, then request a replacement. They send you a replacement and an envelope to send back the old one. You pay only for shipping. If you do not send back the old screen protector, they say that they will charge you full price for it, but you have plenty of time to get it done. If you had the original installed at Best Buy, they will install the replacement for free. I just did this a month ago or so. In addition, I wanted to replace the scratched up screen for my son's Nabi. I saw that I hadn't registered it and couldn't find it on the site. I emailed them to inquire about it and they told me it had been discontinued. Since they offer a full lifetime warranty and couldn't fullfill it, they simply sent me a gift card for the retail value of the screen protector... without registering it and without a receipt. (I guess they saw that I have many other screen protectors registered already. LOL) I used that toward a new one for my new iPad Air 2 and it was during their buy one get one free promotion so I grabbed one for the ipad mini that I got my hubby for Christmas. Definitely happy with the customer service and will continue to purchase their products.
    11-30-2014 10:06 PM
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