1. Key22's Avatar
    I hope someone replies to this soon. The Apple Store near me just re-stocked with some iPhone 6's and I want to go in the morning.

    Does anyone know if the Apple Store will let you purchase an iPhone using T-Mobile Jump (Month-to-Month) plan? I am aware that they will allow you to purchase it using AT&T Next but their website doesn't say anything about other cellular providers installment plans.

    Was anyone able to purchase one using T-Mobile Jump?
    10-23-2014 04:08 AM
  2. calebt's Avatar
    Found this on a T-Mobile support forum Looks like the Apple store supports jump I'd call first to make sure.

    JUMP! Upgrade/Any Upgrade in Apple Retail Store. | T-Mobile Support
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    10-23-2014 04:28 AM
  3. Key22's Avatar
    Great! Thank You!
    10-24-2014 01:19 AM

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