1. anon(1733)'s Avatar
    iOS mail doesn't do push email for Gmail accounts unless you're using a paid account.

    Another thing gmail app does better is conversation view. iOS mail does conversation view but doesn't display sent messages within a conversation. Pretty crappy oversight of you ask me. I didn't want to use gmail app but had no choice as conversation view is important to me.
    The stock email app will handle gmail as push. I don't use the gmail app.
    10-08-2014 03:32 PM
  2. Michael Zajdel's Avatar
    I domt know how you did it but my gf can't set gmail account on push in stock email app
    10-08-2014 04:17 PM
  3. warcraftWidow's Avatar
    The stock email app will handle gmail as push. I don't use the gmail app.
    It doesn't unless you have a Google Apps paid account. Google decided to take push away well over a year ago. Some people were grandfathered into having push but only until they switched devices.
    10-08-2014 04:46 PM
  4. anon(1733)'s Avatar
    I was using it a few months back on my 5s.
    I also switched to the 5s from the note 3 and it worked fine.
    Didn't know it changed
    10-08-2014 04:54 PM
  5. StikiGreenZ's Avatar
    Try setting it up on an iPhone now. It won't be push. Anyone that had it setup prior to a certain date Google chose to drop support won't have push.
    10-08-2014 06:33 PM
  6. DX9's Avatar
    I always had everything Google. I have moved everything to icloud. I have also pointed my gmail email to icloud. I have my email address set up as my company domain and found a way to keep my old email addy etc. Works perfectly. Now true push again
    10-08-2014 07:28 PM
  7. crankerchick's Avatar
    I use gmail along with google calendar and contacts. It's annoying not to have push in the apple mail, but I still prefer that app over gmail. I keep the gmail app installed but I tend not to use it and always end up going back to Apple client with exchange. Contacts and calendar are pretty seamless to me. I miss Google Now in the notification shade, and using it through the Google search app on iOS is just not the same. Chrome is nice enough but it's still pretty annoying and limiting to use a third party app over the apple apps because they aren't allowed to be the default. That said, I'm a huge android fan but I still prefer the iOS and the iPhone (begrudgingly) and I don't find it to be a deal breaker to use google apps on iOS. The apps are very nice, and iOS 8 with extensibility is very promising for cutting down steps by allowing apps to pass data to each other.

    I hope that Google updates Google search with a widget for Google now. In my experience, Google doesn't have updates for apps ready immediately, but updates to take advantage of a new OS's offerings do happen nonetheless.

    I disagree that an iPhone is the best Google phone, but it is a nice Google phone. There's no substitute for a gmail app that is the default client.
    10-08-2014 09:23 PM
  8. luvesuga's Avatar
    Google works well for me on my iPhone. I sync my contacts and calendars through it. And I also use my Google Apps account with no issues. Not a big fan of Google Now because it doesn't give me the notifications like I had on Android. For example, letting me know what time I should leave for work without having it on my calendar.
    10-09-2014 07:37 PM
  9. WeAreAllUnique's Avatar
    I user a lot of Google services, but I don't use Google services exclusively. I like Apple's word document suite. I also prefer Apple Maps. Siri is better than Google Now to me. And there really isn't any trouble with other services from Microsoft or Yahoo. So my iOS devices seem to offer a perfect mixture of what I need.

    Sent from my iPad Air using Swype and Tapatalk
    10-10-2014 07:33 AM
  10. eprisencc's Avatar
    Google needs to create a google contacts app for iPhone so ios users can access google groups. Not a sync but a dedicated app for the contacts. Allow users to open all handlers and links in Google apps (ie telephone numbers should open in hangouts, addresses should open in Google maps, text messages should open in Google voice or Google hangouts, urls should open in chrome, video calls in hangouts, emails in gmail or inbox, birthdays and dates in Google calendar, and share contacts as vcf files via Google voice or Google hangouts). There should also be a way to export and import all contacts with pictures using a vcf file. It would also be nice if it supported multiple google accounts.

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    11-06-2014 11:35 PM
  11. Okris30's Avatar
    I have most if not all google apps on my iPhone and they all work great. Still have my subscription to Google Music All Access which works with the iPhone too. You can still store your photos with Google Drive as well. As others have said, it's the best of both worlds.
    11-07-2014 07:26 AM
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