1. Cap_172R's Avatar
    Many similar threads like this with this "rattle" and it's common in other devices as well... seems to be a mechanism in the camera / autofocus mechanism (lens assembly) --> something along those lines. Definitely not an issue to be worried about as it's common among all devices, android, BB devices etc.
    03-07-2015 12:28 AM
  2. dictoresno's Avatar
    My iPhone 5 and 5S rattled but it was the lock button. If I shook it and held the button, it wouldn't rattle.

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    03-07-2015 12:40 AM
  3. mbj00's Avatar
    Hi all,
    I have had this issue since I got my iPhone 6 new, but apart from the rattle, I have had no problems, so I doubt it's anything to worry about. I believe that the 6 has an auto-stabilisation feature, where if you are shaking a bit or whatever when recording, the camera will move a tiny bit to compensate that, and give smooth video. This would suggest that there are moving parts in this region, and could be the cause of the rattle. I think it's perfectly normal, but will vary from model to model
    04-26-2015 03:54 AM
  4. Sekelani Zwambila's Avatar
    I just tried on mine and it does make a rattling sound.

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    04-26-2015 05:25 AM
  5. Adam Finan's Avatar
    In a he iPhone 6 Plus it's the image stabilisation mechanism, perfectly normal
    08-19-2015 04:54 PM
  6. LimonJoe's Avatar
    It's the camera module. That's it.
    If I tap the back of the phone, there is an evident "rattle" sound. If I hold the camera lens area firmly and tap the same way, there is no "rattle" whatsoever. This has occurred on every mobile device I have ever used and that is quite a lot of mobile devices, from many different manufacturers. As someone else also mentioned.
    Don't worry about it, unless the camera stops working correctly.
    08-25-2015 10:00 AM
  7. vijayyadav5478's Avatar
    Hi all,

    I bought iPhone 6s on Friday and I realized some sound is coming near by camera whenever you move my phone , left right, up down, look like something is loose inside.

    I called to customer care they advised some setting but no help, then they suggest to go customer case for physical check..

    10-11-2015 09:48 AM
  8. Sonia Tomas's Avatar
    So will Apple replace my Iphone6? Did Aplle tell you anything? I just recently bumped into this problem and Apple has been recalled for this.
    11-27-2015 01:53 PM
  9. Wotchered's Avatar
    my iPhone 4s doesn't rattle.... do you think it's ok ?
    11-27-2015 07:40 PM
  10. Dances_With_Clouds's Avatar
    It would appear that I too am having the same problem... With my NEW iPhone 7 and to add insult to injury, the replacement phone I had to wait hours for to resolve this matter ALSO has the same problem. Factory defect?
    09-24-2016 01:53 PM
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