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    Hey folks,

    So I've seen a few posts online from the 5/5S where people mentioned they had issues with the Touch-ID sensor while charging their phones. In many cases this included people using the OEM Apple charger & lightning-USB cable.

    I'm here to report that I am having a similar issue, but so far it only seems to happen with an aftermarket set -- specifically the Rocketfish Mobile brand, 2.4A USB Wall charger + 3.3ft cable.

    I haven't noticed this behaviour with either the OEM charger/cable or the Rocketfish cable plugged into my computer, seems to be more specifically caused by the AC adapter.

    As I said, it's intermittent -- the Touch ID sensor will activate, but often I have to hold my finger on it for a few seconds before it sees anything. Nothing else seems to be affected by this; my guess would be some sort of electrical interference caused by the charger since the port is right under the Home button/sensor...?

    Anyone else experience similar behaviour using either your OEM charging equipment or aftermarket? (I'm betting there will be a few...) My guess will be that this isn't something that'll be solved with software updates, as I didn't see any indication as such with the 5/5S postings...
    10-02-2014 12:58 PM
  2. plantemichel's Avatar
    Don't worry it's happening to me also I guess it's a software issue.

    Sent from my iPhone 5S using Tapatalk
    10-03-2014 12:05 AM
  3. Drop Dead Fed's Avatar
    Q: Why are my iphone 5/6/7, ipad (iOS) device stuck keys or poor keypad response when using a third party or after-market data and charging cable?

    A: Did anyone consider that Apple once again tried to prevent use of third party hardware/cables/chargers by introducing annoying feedback such as stuck keys and other unexpected occurrences to make your user experience absolute sh!t when using less expensive cables which takes away their massive corporate profits at the expense of the consumer? I would absolutely throw this on the table and wait for an engineering whistleblower to come out from their SW department again. They already were busted by whistleblowers for reducing your experience when the battery aged so you would trade up iphones and ipads so what makes you think they wouldn't do the same for one of their most lucrative HW purchases - power cables! Duh! Come on people - this issue occurs on the touch screen which is capacitive touch as well as the fingerprint so you can't blame the charger or cable for this. It also happens with some apple cables so their algorithm isn't doing a 100% foolproof job in weeding out data cables and chargers as it nails some of their own inferior hardware.
    08-27-2019 05:57 AM

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