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    I'm tired of ATT and all this data usage crap. Having the same issue,though I constantly use a speedtest app on my iPhone to check download speeds over wifi and LTE. I have ocd when it comes to my download speeds and it drives me nuts if they're not up to par..so when I get a new phone I test a lot. I was on the unlimited plan for a long time,and found out about throttling last spring when I decided to keep wifi off (even at home) because my speeds over LTE were better. Now with the new iphone 6 I was having slow speed issues and called ATT several times and even made a Genius bar appt in case it was a faulty phone. I tried everything to no avail,and knew it wasnt due to throttling this time because we checked. Then when I was on the phone with ATT support,she mentioned I had only used about 300 mb's of data in each of the past few months,and suggested I go to a 1gb plan to save money. I did, and 4 hrs later I got the auto text from ATT saying I'm near my data limit only 5 days into the cycle..lol.(because I keep using that app to test the LTE speeds!) So for now I switched it to a 2 gb plan and haven't run the test over LTE.
    Driving me insane.
    Unless you're getting extremely low speed tests, I wouldn't worry about wifi not being as fast as cellular. The difference between 15 Mbps and 30 Mbps is just not that much in practical application. You're obsession with speed is causing you to use too much data on Cellular. It reminds me of those who are obsessed with the battery % in the status bar. Use your wifi, it's fast enough. The only time I check my speeds, are if I suspect an issue with Comcast, or to post it on the forums for fun. But both are rare. Checking it doesn't help anything. If it causes you to cry, then delete the speedtest app. You'll live!

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