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    The problem starts when someone is offended or argues against someone else's choice or talks down to someone else's platform. Why do it?

    I buy what I want - someone else will buy what they want. Why is everyone so worked up about others choice?

    Why all the hate?

    The kind of excitement around a new iPhone launch is really strong from those of us that love our phones. Everyone sees the ridiculous lines in the media and says


    Some people take it personally that reporting on the launch excitement either states or implies that this is unique to IPhone launches and by extension all other phones are inferior. The excitement at iPhone launches is unique but did anyone really come out and say other phones were bad in comparison.

    In a way maybe we all did.

    The launch is a big event for us. The experience of owning and using the phones is a delight.

    When the excited person waiting in line is asked about why they are in the big line they explain how excited they are. To the outsider watching this it comes across as the actions of a brain washed fan rather who is blissfully unaware of other phones that have better specs and features. Not once did the fan in line say anything about the new phone being the best and all other phones are inferior but that's exactly how it came across.

    Is that fair?

    Well maybe it isn't but it may be understandable. Consider the Apple Event. Tim Cook immediately starts with sales #s that dwarf all competition combined. For stock holders and the devout this is fantastic news and exactly what we want to hear. We are about to be given the details on the latest phone like a present made especially for us.

    For months there are rumors, guesses and leaks surrounding the new phone about to be released. This hype reaches a peak that outsiders at best shake their head in confusion. After all spec for spec the iPhone usually falls a bit short in several areas so this questions the validity of all the hype.

    And everyone knows that it's Apple's way or the highway. So speculation of whether or not a certain feature will be included on the new iOS and the new phones will be included or not is met with confusion from users of other platforms who have had that feature for a long time.

    What they don't understand from the outside is that the overall Apple experience 'for us' is exactly what we love so much. Despite the specs or so called missing features the devices work the best for us. It's the overall experience that we prefer - and wait in ridiculous lines for and read the rumor sites in the build up to the launch.

    But the big question here is 'why the hate?' The fan boy in line didn't say other phones stink. I don't talk about other phones in a negative light with my friends and frankly my Apple devout friends don't spend a minute thinking or talking about other phones.

    How are we inviting all the hate? Well back to the launch event...

    The sales figures are shown and the competition is way behind. Next up what we have all been waiting for - the new phone. And Apple doesn't mince words, 'this new phone is the best device from Apple and the best device ever made'. Feature after feature is shown and each is the best ever.

    I love that Apple has pride in their products, strives to be the best available and shares their vision with us.

    Whether I like it or not when Tim Cook says the phone is not just great it's the best he is not just speaking to me he is speaking for me. By happily choosing the new phone I am inheriting all the hype, all the pride and all of bravado that goes into the launch.

    The launch happens. It does not just well but beats all records. Our love of the physical device and the cars that went into its design and manufacture, the beautiful pictures we take, the best apps and games available, access to new features we didn't have, the flow of working with our other iOS devices and our Macs. The overall experience is unmatched - for us.

    And then begins the backlash. I never said an unkind word about others choice in device but all the hype has taken its toll and outsiders will never really understand where my live for the devices is coming from.

    In the future, leading up to a launch event and when discussing devices with family, friends and people we meet we can help minimize the hate by remembering ..,

    Apple phones are not the 'best' they are 'best for us'.

    Cheers, @Scatabrain
    09-28-2014 07:42 PM
  2. Raginrogue's Avatar
    Well said. I couldn't believe the backlash I got from my "friends" when they found out I bought the iphone 6 instead of the latest android. They don't seem to understand that "best" is subjective.
    09-28-2014 07:56 PM
  3. HankAZ's Avatar
    09-28-2014 08:00 PM

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