1. Lyall Demorrow's Avatar
    I have a new pair of Samsung headphones that came with my Galaxy S5 that worked perfectly with my iPhone 4. I plugged them into my new iPhone 6 and at first the sound would cut in and out and the controls wouldn't work. After inserting the headphones into the jack multiple times, they now sound fine but the controls still don't work. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I know they aren't Apple headphones but they worked fine with my S5 and my daughter's iPhone 5C.
    09-24-2014 09:33 AM
  2. finn5975's Avatar
    Hi Lyall. I have not had any issues with third party headphones and my iphone 6. I am not able to test Samsung headphones but all others so far have been fine. Do you have any other headphones you can try that would help rule out a defective headphone port? Even if you don't personally, perhaps a family member or friend does? Hopefully someone else with Galaxy S5 headphones and an iPhone 6 can chime in.
    Lyall Demorrow likes this.
    09-24-2014 09:51 AM
  3. Lyall Demorrow's Avatar
    I'm glad to hear that you don't have a problem. I am at work now and don't have anymore headphones to try but when I get home I will. I have a pair of Skull Candy at home, so hopefully those work.
    09-24-2014 10:13 AM

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