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    Today at my local Best Buy store I tested out the display version of the 4.7" iPhone 6. Here are my first impressions.

    It's slightly bigger than the 5s that I have, but not as big a difference as the 6 Plus. The screen resolution is okay, but not as good as the 6 Plus. The HD videos were fine, but not as outstanding as the 6 Plus.

    As you can probably tell, I will be getting the 6 Plus, not the 6, next month or in November. I want the 6 Plus because of the larger screen and better screen resolution.

    I also noticed that there was a display case with mainly iPhone 6's and an iPhone 5c. There were plenty of iPhone 6's available (16,64, and one 128 GB). There were no 6 Plus versions, which is not surprising because of the demand for them. That's why I'm waiting until late October/middle of November to get the 6 Plus because the supply will be readily available by then.
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    09-23-2014 09:44 PM
  2. Highrisedrifter's Avatar
    Thank you for your first impressions. Enjoy your 6+ when you get it.

    Personally speaking, I think all of your positives are nothing when compared to the fact you are holding something the size of a paperback book to your ear. I prefer my 6 as I can get it into many more pockets than the 6+ and I can use it one handed with ease.
    09-24-2014 03:15 AM
  3. finn5975's Avatar
    I must have left my telescopic lens glasses in DC cause when I had both phones in my possession I could not discern a difference in the resolutions. What I could differentiate however was the size.

    It's shocking that the 5.5" size is a bigger difference compared to the 5 than the 4.7" size lol. Never would have imagined that!

    Also, don't let the lack of stock fool you into thinking it's purely demand driven. Have you seen the charts showing the total number of 6 vs 6+ units shipped? Not even close. Apple made a mere fraction of the 6+ units compared to the 6 so it's no surprise its out of stock.
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    09-24-2014 06:21 AM
  4. Craig's Avatar
    I looked very closely at both and I agree, could not see a drop of difference in quality. Maybe an optical illusion due to the size?
    09-24-2014 12:35 PM

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