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    Ok so alot of you are now thinking hmmmm i might go with the 5.5" version iPhone 6P, but have you took into consideration that both phone are exactly the same spec.

    The 5.5" runs a 1080p screen with over 400ppi, while the 6 only runs just over 720p and pushes 326ppi

    Now the 5.5" version has alot more pixels to push about than the 4.7" & while both have the same specs which one do you think will actually be quicker?

    Yip the 4.7" version.

    So while the 6P offers a better bigger screen, your also loosing out on performance, so basically the 5.5" version could actually only be slightly faster than the 5S.

    Also one of the reason's people are considering the 5.5" version is because the camera offers true optical image stabilization, as oppose to digital on the 4.7" version

    As past history has shown Apple can do digital Image stabilization better than anybody else, even beating OIS from the likes of HTC in the past One M7.

    I have no doubt Apple with get OIS spot on in the 6P, but having just digital on the iPhone 6 4.7" is no bad thing really as the rest of the camera features are exactly the same.

    so there are a few thing to think about when you come to deciding if the 5.5" 6P is actually worth spending more on.
    09-11-2014 01:22 AM
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    Thanks. I'm buying a blackberry ASAP.

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    09-11-2014 06:14 AM

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