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    Only if they increase their Sensor size to something like 1/2.3 or ATLEAST 1/2.5...Personally I would hope for bit of a step ahead in this department too,Like introducing 1/2 sensor camera,Which won't protrude from behind but would be an Amazing amazing amazing addition cause in the end "YOU CANNOT DENY PHYSICS",the lowlight performance would greatly increase with it (even with a 1/2.3),Guess why? Because Apple's camera post processing algorithms are engineered to the BEST in class,better than anyother offering,lumia,HTC,etc...And How did I make that assumption? Because everyone who owns 5s knows it takes great pictures,reviewers raved about its camera being quite better camera,And guess what 5s has only 1/3 inch sensor,so Just think what Apple can do with 1/2.3 sensor,and it would be a good number because 1/2.3 inch is a standard sensor size for Digital cameras...So Imho it is quite necessary to increase the sensor size,aperture is fine at f/2.2,maybe increase it to f/2.0 then it would do wonders but still,sensor is the main thing....how many of you agree/disagree?? xD

    The flash in 5s is just about the best (except xenon flash) a smartphone can have,So as the post processing algorithms,aperture if also fine at f/2.0...just sensor size is quite important,and Maybe join the bandwagon and Add OIS (and btw it really makes some difference)
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    03-03-2014 05:19 PM
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