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  • 4.7"

    77 81.05%
  • 5.7"

    18 18.95%
  1. pgg101's Avatar
    For me, my 5" screen is almost as big as I can do..maybe a 5.2 the most. I still like to do most functions with one hand....a coffee or letter size padfolio in the other.

    Posted via the Android iMore App! on BlackBerry Z30
    03-30-2014 09:22 AM
  2. taz323's Avatar
    Really like the size of my 5s, will have a hard time changing from that
    03-30-2014 09:26 AM
  3. JakePleasants's Avatar
    If they can add a larger screen and manage to keep the phone's size essentially in tact by removing the bezel, I'm game. I love the size of my 5S but I wouldn't mind a larger screen, similar to the way Motorola designed it for the Moto X, but hopefully the overall footprint will be just a tad narrower.
    04-04-2014 09:21 PM
  4. stlcheer's Avatar
    If it was 4.7" or somewhere around there, I would definitely buy. Anything bigger than 5" would be too big for me to use with one hand.
    04-06-2014 11:08 AM
  5. jaymojones's Avatar
    I think 4.7" is cool, but I also could go with 5.2" or 5.3"
    04-08-2014 06:09 PM
  6. mikeo007's Avatar
    Both seem way too big for me personally. I'd go with the smaller 4.7 but probably wouldn't be a fan of the size.
    04-12-2014 05:28 PM
  7. toneytone's Avatar
    I'm at a point of no return since moving to a 5 inch device. For my main communication needs that's the perfect size but for pure entertainment and Web browsing I'm hoping for 5.7 instead of 5.5 I want all the screen real estate i can get.
    04-13-2014 03:01 PM
  8. BreakingKayfabe's Avatar
    4.7" vs 5.7" hypothetically? I'll take the 5.7" without a shadow of a doubt. Because that would instantly fulfill the needs of an iPad.
    04-14-2014 02:53 PM
  9. joemd60's Avatar
    I had the Note 2, and truthfully. It was too big. So 4.7 would be the ideal size.
    On the other side. If I did get the 5.7 it would probably keep me away from my laptop.
    04-14-2014 03:01 PM
  10. F0REVERY0UNG-'s Avatar
    4.7 for me, sadly I think even that will be too big for my hands. One of the reasons I sold my GS4 is because it was uncomfortable for my smaller hands.

    Sent from my iPad using iMore Forums
    04-14-2014 09:56 PM
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