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    So I got this iPhone 6 Plus from a friend after my iPhone SE screen crashed. The phone is secondhand and I've had it since June 2017. Recently it's been dying on me quickly, especially if I go on snapchat. On friday night I had it on the charger then woke up, tried to use it, but it showed the red battery icon as if it died. I waited for it to turn on and it never did. I tried charging it from my laptop, in the car, and from other chargers but nothing is working I watched a video that said heating the phone up with a hairdryer would most likely fix it so I tried that but only heated it up for a under a minute because I didn't want to completely fry the phone. Does anyone know of any way for me to bring the phone back? Can't afford a new phone or battery replacement for a while so PLEASE HELP
    11-05-2017 10:43 AM
  2. darius_robin's Avatar
    The 6 is a bit long in the tooth. It’s battery may have been wearing out since it’s almost three years old. Try taking it to the Genius Bar, they will examine it, but mostly ask you to replace the battery.
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    11-05-2017 11:48 AM

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