1. Sweetpea61's Avatar
    I recently updated my iphone 6 plus, and then my name started to appear on my husband's iphone, as if the phone is mine. It also appears and addresses me on his apple watch. Can anyone tell me why this is happening and how to correct it?
    09-27-2016 09:42 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Sounds like you both may be using the same Apple ID. You should set up your own Apple ID, reset your phone and then setup a new Apple ID for yourself. IF you then want to share apps, songs etc with your husband, and/or the kids, you can use a thing Apple calls Family Sharing. Here's how....


    Also to reset your phone to then setup your own ID do this.....

    How to reset and restore your iPhone's settings, network, location, and more | iMore
    09-27-2016 10:22 AM
  3. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    You can still share the same iTunes ID so you can share the purchases. But iCloud, iMessage and Facetime ID's should be your own.
    09-27-2016 10:40 AM

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