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    My text messages take up 3.9 GB on my iPhone6 Plus. The main reason I have not deleted these is that I have many, many texts from/to my attorney, children, sibling referring to my mother's settlement of her estate and before that her care with Alzheimer's while in the nursing facility. As you can tell, this takes up too much storage on my 16GB iPhone and after talking to Apple, Verizon, they say there is NO way to transfer/extract these messages to my laptop. I really do not want to get rid of any of these messages since they have a "journal" meaning as well as dates, times, and legal information over a four-year period.
    Can anyone help with this dilemma without compromising other items on my iPhone6? Thanks so much for your help. LDB
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    05-31-2016 06:34 AM
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    Copy and paste them to a email message and email them.
    Copy and paste them to a Word document and save/email them.
    Copy and paste them to a Note on your iPhone.
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    05-31-2016 08:35 PM

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