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    Hey guys,

    Quick question that has been bugging me just because of my OCD lol.....................

    My original 6 Plus was a Black/Space Gray & next to the speaker grille is of course the front camera, & above the speaker grille was 2 sensors which you could see under a bright light. On all my cases, most recently a Lifeproof Fre there are the two "cutouts" for those sensors. Last week I had to have an insurance replacement because I shattered the camera lens on my Space Gray & for whatever reason they replaced it with a White/Gold version (which is really starting to grow on me). On this one I only see the one sensor above the ear piece. I've searched and can't really find anything definitive to answer my question. There's nothing wrong with the phone & it operates flawlessly. What makes it stick out is the fact that it the new phone has a white face inside a black case.

    I may have looked past the answer in all my searches and just missed it. I've been looking around for a couple days and posting this was kind of a last resort because curiosity is killing the cat. Thanks in advance everyone!!!
    03-23-2016 12:21 AM

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