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    Hello. I have recently traded in my android for the iPhone 6s Plus. I have noticed when I lightly double tap the home button the screen shifts down revealing the background. I have tried this multiple apps open but I always get the background screen. Could anyone tell me what the purpose of this function is or what I am doing wrong?

    03-14-2016 10:14 PM
  2. MooMooPrincess's Avatar
    Hi and welcome to imore!
    It's for those who have small hands/those who cannot reach the top row very well.
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    03-14-2016 10:17 PM
  3. iAppleDoYou's Avatar
    That feature is called Reachability and is found in Settings>General>Accessibility. It's main purpose is to get the top apps or windows to the lower screen so you can easily tap or click on things. For Example, if you have short fingers or don't want to reach your fingers all the way to the top of the iPhone screen, you can double tap and get that top part of the screen to the bottom for easier access.
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    03-14-2016 10:31 PM
  4. kuajtt's Avatar
    Thank you both for your reply. Much appreciated.
    03-15-2016 09:34 AM

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