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    Just received my first iPhone ever yesterday and have been loving it. I have been using android since 2009 and while I will miss all the rooting, customization and widgets, iOS on my 6+ is a fresh breath of air. Picked up a 128gb from best buy while they and sprint are selling them for the same price as the 64gb (too good to pass up). My husband has the note 4 and I really wanted that but overall I'm glad that sprint and best buy stopped carrying them as I wouldn't have seen the incentive to move to iOS.

    This phone runs great and the integration with my iMac is fantastic. I help run my husband's business and use my phone for most of the tasks if I can and love being able to write up documents/invoices on this thing and have it synced to my computer without having to email copies to myself. I love iPhone! Still love android but this is a welcome change. I will also say that it will take me awhile to stop reaching for soft keys though lol
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    09-12-2015 03:34 AM
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