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    My iPhone 6 Plus sometimes completely freezes on its home screen and in some applications (ex. YouTube). I was watch a YouTube video, put on pause for a while, come back, and the phone is completely frozen the home and power button didn't respond at all.

    I know I could've just hold them both down for hard reset, but I decided to see what would happen.

    The phone completely shut off without me touching it, when I booted it back up the apple logo was bigger then normal.

    I think it the ram, and my camera completely freezes, not usable too.

    Crazy for a $1200 phone
    (iPhone 6 Plus 64GB Factory Unlocked)

    Don't you think?

    So strange
    05-27-2015 01:52 AM
  2. mikeo007's Avatar
    05-27-2015 11:16 AM

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