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    Hi, I recently purchased a iPhone 6 Plus from one of the UK's leading retailers, which I won't name as we have since reached an agreement and I have received a full refund + a 100 gift voucher and 20% of all purchases until late October or something. I was not happy with my unit, the camera had something wrong with it and also the speaker was faulty. Understandably I knew this wasn't a normal situation so after my terrible customer service with this company on the 24th January where they kept me on hold for 25 minutes and referred to me as his homie? He then, avoided all my questions, saying I'm just here for the life 'homie' or something! I was so shocked, I asked to be put through to the manager, he said no 'homedog' no can do. And started singing to himself while shouting to other colleagues such as 'This dude got a broken iPhone, what he gonna do bruh? I hung up immediately and rang again, this time a woman answered she hung up on me mid-sentence. Even the manger refused to speak. I then contacted Apple directly, they rang the retailer, basically saying they weren't happy! I sent an email to the retailer before contacting Apple, they made no reply and I received a call (the person who called me said, we are investigating your case however it could take up to 21 days) I should have just went into the store and got a refund, but I felt this horrific customer service had to be exposed. Anyway, the story eventually had a happy ending, Apple demanded a refund and some compensation, I then as I stated earlier a full refund + gift card. Then Apple asked if I'd be buying an iPhone 6 Plus from the retailer again, I said no way! Then kindly, they offered me a discounted iPhone 6 Plus directly from them, they kept me informed throughout the process and I received a 64GB Gold iPhone for a 599 (usually 699). I was jumping for joy! On top of the 100 gift voucher for the retailer, I received 100 off my new iPhone directly from Apple. It arrived four days later and I was so excited, it came with a leather case from Apple too. Nice touch Apple, I thought with Apple been such a big company they would have terrible customer service however, clearly not! I am now carrying my deadly weapons of choice, 6 Plus and Note 4 paired with my iPad Mini 2. Kudos Apple! I just hope that shocking man from the retailers customer service is being dealt with.
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    01-31-2015 07:01 AM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    Great story, and thank you for sharing your experience with us. Now enjoy your new iPhone...
    01-31-2015 07:15 AM
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    Thank you for posting your experience with our iMore community

    Glad it all worked out in the end
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    01-31-2015 08:51 AM
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    Thanks a lot - I'm in love, any app recommendations?
    01-31-2015 10:14 AM
  5. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    Thanks a lot - I'm in love, any app recommendations?
    Reeder 2
    Scannable by Evernote
    OneNote by Microsoft
    Fantastical 2
    Camera Plus

    ...to name a few...
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    01-31-2015 10:30 AM
  6. EricandSuebee's Avatar
    Also Calendars 5 & One Drive are really nice as well.
    01-31-2015 03:54 PM
  7. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    BeWeather 2 Check the thread about this.
    Super Calendar (you gotta check this. There's a thread about it)
    SwiftKey keyboard
    FrameArtist+ Pro
    Camera+ (not the same as Camera Plus)

    Sent from my ancient but trustworthy iPhone 5
    01-31-2015 07:18 PM
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    Congratulations on your new phone. I'm glad everything worked out well for you.
    02-01-2015 04:02 PM
  9. AlfBriggs's Avatar
    Thanks for the app recommendations! How goddam sexy is this phone, so skinny and luxury feeling. Wow.
    02-04-2015 02:41 PM

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