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    Different purposes. Sometimes the iPad is great when productivity isn't so necessary in a specific day. But the days that you have a heavy workflow, nothing beats the macbook pro. The iPad really does nothing unique that the iPhone 6+ and Macbook pro can't do. However, it is great to leave the macbook at home and still be able to type up short documents/emails/etc. I probably didn't help lol but just letting you know it is kind of a luxury IMO.
    02-03-2015 02:10 AM
  2. yonghong's Avatar
    So I've been really struggling to make up my mind about getting an iPad Air 2. Really, an iPad in general (keep waiting for them to really sell me).

    I own an iPhone 6+ and a MacBook Pro (non-retina) but can't seem to really justify buying an iPad. I'm a writer and work in an advertising firm so portability is a big thing for me. Not having to carry my laptop would be great but my iPhone can't really do *everything* I need it to do in the field. The larger screen on the iPhone is great and I do other heavy editing, etc. on my laptop but would anyone say they can get even more done with their iPad?

    So basically, do you own both and find no problem owning a device that's larger, but not by much, than their iPhone 6+? Do you feel the iPad Air 2 (or any variation of the iPad) compliments your workflow, personal use, portability or otherwise that you just can't get done with an iPhone 6+ and MacBook (or Mac)?

    Any help is really appreciated!
    You need a surface pro 3 to get your work done, iPad Air 2 is just a bigger iPhone, ip6+ is big enough for you.
    02-05-2015 08:09 PM
  3. Nathan Bael's Avatar
    Personally I'm hoping for an iPad pro. I had the air two for a while but sold it and stuck with my mini retina. For me there isn't a compelling reason for the iPad other than media consumption. If the apple stylus comes to fruition then I will probably change my mind.

    Realize though that there are some apps that are iPad only. A lot of those apps are games though so if you aren't a gamer it won't matter as much. If you do like to game having an iPad is great because, for me at least, it lets me keep the games off my computer.
    02-05-2015 09:05 PM
  4. InTheRed's Avatar
    I have both. I use the iPad when I'm at home more often than not. I type much faster on the iPhone than the iPad though. So I will use the iPad for most communicating at home. Since I have a kindergartner there is an advantage to having an iPad as well as an iPhone.

    If you are trying to decide if it's worth it to get both it depends on your needs. The iPad has apps that the iPhone cannot run.
    02-11-2015 05:34 PM
  5. Raptor007's Avatar
    My iPhone 6+ is my personal phone, work issued us 4S, but will be replacing those soon with new iPhones. Still I purchased an iPad Air 2 and use it a lot for work in the field and its has its benefits. The 6+ is a great screen, but its not an iPad sized screen and sometimes the bigger screen is a must (for me at least).
    02-12-2015 09:12 PM
  6. mvdn777's Avatar
    I bought both and enjoy both. I use them for work & play, (civil engineering project manager).
    The company issued me with a 5C. I traded up my own tech from a 4S & an iPad 3.
    Sometimes I use the company phone for more than phone calls.
    02-13-2015 08:18 AM
  7. iknrisms's Avatar
    You need a surface pro 3 to get your work done, iPad Air 2 is just a bigger iPhone, ip6+ is big enough for you.
    My friend has been telling me this for awhile now but i'm a stickler for syncing across devices and not missing a beat during my workflow. I find that adding devices that don't support the same (or very similar) operating systems also kind of slows this down.

    Could be me though.

    Thanks for the advice!

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    02-17-2015 09:04 PM
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