1. BParker4381's Avatar
    Can someone help? I am trying to connect my iPad to my 6 Plus via a hotspot and it will not connect. Every time I try to connect it says:

    Remote Hotspot Failure
    Unable to starte personal hotspot

    I have reset both my phone and iPad but continues to do the same thing. Anyone know how to fix this?

    01-04-2015 11:24 PM
  2. zerog46's Avatar
    Who is your carrier? Do touchable hotspot on your plan? Have you tried a reboot?
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    01-04-2015 11:38 PM
  3. Trees's Avatar
    The thread below sounds like it may have workarounds that could help if the problem is the same. Sorry you've had to reset both devices, as that creates a lot of work and takes time.

    If you have AppleCare it may not hurt to contact them for help on the issue before trying the workarounds mentioned here. May also help save you time if the Apple Support people can quickly determine the issue and provide a resolution.

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    01-04-2015 11:43 PM
  4. knotsure's Avatar
    Is there a password??? Check it
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    01-04-2015 11:43 PM
  5. BParker4381's Avatar
    Thanks for the replies. I got it to work after reading the link. I had to reset the bluetooth. After I forgot the device and reconnected it, it is working fine.
    01-05-2015 01:11 AM

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