1. Grafixx01's Avatar
    Ok, so I updated iTunes and have a 128gb 6+. I am trying to get it to do the 'sync over WiFi' but iTunes won't even see the iPhone. It says that "iTunes could not connect to the iPhone. "iPhone" timed out". I've uninstalled and re-installed iTunes. I checked it with my wifes 128gb 6+ and it works. It's just mine. Any ideas?
    11-01-2014 08:53 AM
  2. applejosh's Avatar
    Hard reset your phone? (hold power plus home buttons until apple logo appears). Also, I think you have to sync with the computer once via USB before you can wifi sync (at least you used to have to).
    11-01-2014 11:12 AM
  3. Marli's Avatar
    I have never had wifi sync work reliably ever. I gave up and turned it off..
    11-10-2014 09:06 AM
  4. BreakingKayfabe's Avatar
    If a reboot doesn't help, change the name of your phone in settings - general - about.

    And make sure you've tethered your phone at least a couple of times after you've re-installed iTunes.
    11-10-2014 09:22 AM

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