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    ^^^ Not sure about Google Wallet going away. This article has more details. Looks like the digital purchases are being phased out (minus Google Play) Google to retire Wallet for digital purchases API, affecting third-party merchants | Android Central
    Yeah that part is real vague. I found this on tech crunch so, my guess is that it might be but, it might not be.

    Here is what merchants need to know, taken from Google Wallet for digital goods Retirement:
    ••Process Payments until March 2: You can continue to process payments via Google Wallet for digital goods until we shut it off on March 2, 2015.
    ••Remove Integration: If you don’t have your own payment processing, you will need to transition to an alternate solution and remove calls to our APIs before March 2, 2015.
    ••Continued Merchant Center Access: You will continue to have access to the merchant center for processing refunds, getting payouts, and seeing reports.
    12-05-2014 09:08 PM
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    Google wallet isn't ending. What I think is ending the ability of apps to use google wallet for in app purchases of physical goods.
    12-05-2014 11:51 PM
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    I have an iPhone 6 Plus and I like it. If I was able to have iMessage on a Note 4 I would totally get one! I also have a Mac and an iPad Air and having iMessage (and now regular SMS) baked in at the OS level is awesome. The ease and seamless integration really can't be duplicated with third party apps in my opinion. One thing I hated when I had a Note 3 was the limitations the carriers put on SMS. I couldn't send certain gifs or short videos through messaging like I'm used to doing on my iPhone. Since it's the way I'm used to communicating and interacting with my circle of friends losing that ability matters to me. Probably 99% of the people I regularly communicate with all have iPhones and most didn't want to be bothered with installing other apps (like Google Hangouts) to try to work around the limitations of SMS when everything literally "just works" with iMessage and it's the built-in, default application. No downloading and signing up for another messaging solution, it's just there and does what you need/want it to do.

    I know the Note 4 has many great features and in my opinion makes better use of the screen size than the 6 Plus. But until I can get iMessage, Android is a no go for me. And yes, I realize that Android will never have iMessage and therein lies my dilemma. LOL
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    12-06-2014 08:02 AM
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