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    I really dont know where my package is, I know how air shipping works, but this is just plain weird. Am I just not getting Departure Scans and Arrival Scans? Also, I got two departure scans from Korea which is plain weird.

    Anchorage, AK, United States 10/17/2014 12:24 P.M. Arrival Scan
    Incheon, Korea, Republic of 10/18/2014 12:23 A.M. Departure Scan
    Incheon, Korea, Republic of 10/17/2014 9:52 P.M. Departure Scan
    Incheon, Korea, Republic of 10/16/2014 7:27 P.M. Arrival Scan
    ZhengZhou, China 10/16/2014 4:17 P.M. Departure Scan
    ZhengZhou, China 10/15/2014 6:40 P.M. Arrival Scan
    10/15/2014 6:30 P.M. Departure Scan
    10/15/2014 5:37 P.M. Location Scan
    10/15/2014 3:57 P.M. Origin Scan
    China 10/15/2014 4:15 A.M. Order Processed: Ready for UPS

    Does anyone have an idea of what is going on here? I was tracking the package and there is two possibilities, there was two airplanes that left Incheon yesterday, UPS99 and UPS49. But I got Departure Scan for both, But on arrival I only got scan for UPS99 not from UPS49. UPS99 arrived in Louisville more than 8 hours ago and nothing, and UPS49 dissapeared and converted into another flight, and another flight just landed from Anchorage to Louisville about half an hour ago UPS 81 and nothing. Packages are not supposed to get off the plane and just sit outside for another airplane since they wont be delivered there, they just refuel. I am starting to worry.
    10-18-2014 09:34 AM
  2. EmceeGeek's Avatar
    10-18-2014 10:00 AM

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