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    After a week of solid usage by myself (a self-proclaimed iOS power-user), I thought it would be good to write a bit about how the iPhone 6 Plus is holding up.*More than anything I continue to state I am star-struck by this gadget and have fallen in love all over again with the ďiPhoneĒ. I'm still amazed on slow days when I have that moment of clarity, that I touch glass to do things. The lure of the iPhone (for me) has slowed down, and now itís back - all because of the iPhone 6.

    I concede, itís a phablet, straight up.*I always thought the term ďphabletĒ was just gimmicky, particularly with the first gen of them running Android. Mainly because the ONLY thing different was the screen size, the usability of the ďphabletĒ was the same as the smaller counterpart. *It was just a big phone, not a phablet. *Here, the iPhone 6 Plus is truly a phablet - it has iPad functionality, and again that functionality was the deciding factor in my decision to go big.*So, itís a phablet. If you are thinking of upgrading or already have (or whatever), understand the iPhone 6 Plus is straight up not a phone but a phablet. *Let your decisions be based off of this: *ďDo you want a phone or a tablet in your pocket?Ē *(I opted for no. 2).

    That being said, itís the best phablet on the market. Yeah yeah, others have some really cool features, but I donít use them nor do I want to - nor do I think Iíll ever have a need to. *I am mainly referring to the ďGalaxy NoteísĒ capacitor pen feature. Capacitor screens are awesome, but I donít have a use for one. Nor do I think there are apps that properly make full use of the capacitor screen. *Before I stated things like ďitís an extension of your handsĒ, and that is still 100% true - until you put a case on it. *More on this later, but you NEED a case on it. *I opted for Appleís Leather Case. *Itís fantastic, itís beautiful, and it feels like you are holding royalty. *Itís the first case Iíve ever see on a phone that enhances the device vs. covering it up. *BUTÖ it adds ďjust enoughĒ bulk to the phone where that ďextension of your handĒ meets sand paper.*Itís just enough where things start to get abrasive.*The same case on my wifeís iPhone 6 is flat out 100% perfect. It actually feels better now. *But alas here, itís just enough bulk to make me concede, yes, the phone is big. *However as a phablet, sizeÖ you get my point (I hope). *Itís all about perception.

    This thing is amazing. I think it is the best looking phone on the market without a case. With a case itís like any other phoneÖ itís a phone with a case.*Itís solid though, as the aluminum casing is fantastic.*Iíve dropped it a few times from my waist, not a single scratch or anything. *That said, Iíve dropped it a few times and Iíve only had it for a week. *Iím not a butter-fingers. *Iíve owned 3 iPhones now since 2009 and a variety of iOS devices since 2008, and I can count on one hand how many times Iíve dropped them. *This means 1) *Iím absolutely awesome and should be a professional footballer, because I can hold on to anything, and 2) Iíve understood for a long time now in my hands is a mighty piece of glass. *I think twice when I have my iPhone (iPad) in my hands. *Iíve done this for so long itís second nature to me. *Well, the iPhone 6 Plus is a sloppy, sloppy fish - it wants to fall out of your hands. With that said so far itís held up amazingly well.

    The interwebz arenít without a plethora*of videos stating the opposite. *For the first time these videos have me scared, mainly because there is one critical design that is so beautiful it does lead to risk.*Itís like punching a super-model. Gorgeous, but still gonna get a black-eye. The curved glassÖ feels amazingÖ looks amazing. *ItísÖ just amazing. *BUT this is the first time a large chunk of the edge of the glass*screen is exposed directly to the (inevitable) fall. *This equals breakage. *Perhaps this phone was designed for Sapphire glass all along and at the last second they had to go with glass because the Sapphire technology just isnít there. Not sure, but this is the only Ďriskí with owning an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.

    This leads me back to the case and durability stuff above. I got an Apple Leather Case after seeing a few video reviews about it.*Everyone seemed to love it, and after watching some pretty funny drop tests with the case, it looked like everything held up remarkably well. But Iím using a case on my iPhone really for the first time ever. *Personally I donít like it, itís a ďme thingĒ. *These things are work of art, so why Ďcase Ďem all up?í. Because this one will break, eventuallyÖ at least that's my fear. *Alas I am looking for a new Ďshieldí that is a full body model. *Iíve had fantastic success with full body shields, and here the 6 Plus begs for one.

    Here is where the 6 Plus outshines the iPhone 6 and older models:*usability. What do you get when the iPhone 5S makes a baby with the iPad Mini?*The iPhone 6 PlusÖ duh. *I cannot believe I have phone that acts like a tablet, fits in my pocket so well, and that works great. *I started a work day last week while receiving a scheduled medical procedure. *I didnít bring my iPad Mini for the first time, and I didnít open my laptop up (although the Macbook Air is an AMAZING traveling companion). *It was liberating. Yeah, I will admit, normally Iíd have my Macbook open, but on that day I just didnít have to - I could quarterback my day. *It doesnít happen much, but here it did, and here I COULD NOT have done this with my iPhone 4S. Only the big screen and the ease of the Ďtablet likeí features allowed this. The battery after constant usage only went down by 40%Ö thatís for the entire day BTW - even after I came home. Thatís me emailing, having and running phone conferences, web lookups, some app (networking) usage, and streaming in 720 HD (Youtube) videos (during my procedure). *Yeah, the battery life is phenomenal. *Oh yeah, and a huge shout-out to Verizonís LTE for giving me a constant data connection. That connection was super super fast.

    I'd say about 95% of my personal computing is done on my iPad and it's been this way for years.*Now, come to think of it, I havenít used my iPad Mini for a week. Now it comes down to this very honest and ridiculous reason - the screen.*The screen on the iPhone 6 Plus is big, almost as big as the iPad Mini whilst in 6:9 ratio. When surfing the web, Steve Jobs was 100% right - you lose like 30+% of screen usage. A 4:3 ratio screen is superior, but the 6:9 is fine. *Hereís the ridiculous reason, the screen on my iPad Mini is SO BAD in comparison to the iPhone 6 Plusí technology.*Like, I canít go back to a non-retina display. Iím serious, I canít. *The display in the iPhone 4S is junk and the display on the typical LED stuff is beyond junk.*Thanks to the iPhone 6 Plus,*Iím now ruined (or, wait, blessed!). *Hereís an unfortunate truth: once you get used to this screen size ALL other phones look like toys. *It is so sad. *I look at my 4S and itís a POS now. That's a little sad because at one point that was the ďitĒ.

    AND HEREís where it can be improvedÖ itís a phablet, so go all in on the tablet features. I want that iPad ďthereís no wrong way to hold itĒ, thing. *Apple has provided a brand new screen ratio and usability with the iPhone 6 Plus, so ALL native Apple apps should utilize the tablet like controls. *That does not happen enough. *Only a small handful (albeit important ones) of native Apple apps use this new format. *If Iím in the Music app (and I always am), then darn it let me rotate it to landscape and use it that way. Heck, the way the iPadís landscape feature is set up in the Music app, the iPhone 6 Plus lends itself to a better look! *USE IT, APPLE! *Also, this is technically an iPhone, ergo it uses iPhone apps, unlike the iPad where it can use either native iPad or iPhone apps. *Okay, so native iPad apps wonít work, but a refreshed new iPhone 6 Plus app could. *Hereís a great example: *Flipboard. *Oh hereís another one: *Zite (which is a dead man walking). *Oh hereís another: *<fill in the blank>. *Bottom line - the iPhone has for years utilized either portrait or landscape. *With the iPhone 6 Plus these apps donít need to hold on to thatÖ it can act like an iPad. *Hereís to hoping developers (and Apple) start making use of the new screen size/format.

    The one thing they nailed was the one-handed feature. *They have a one-up on the industry here, as thereís no other component on any other phone like TouchID. *Yeah thereís finger print readers but they donít double as an additional Ďtouchí button. *When Iím using the phablet in Ďone hand phone modeí, the one-handed feature is great.*Again, I think the feature is ugly looking, but it is extremely useful. Thereís simply nothing else out there like it, Iím sure Samsung will do something similar next year. *And while touching on the subject - TouchID is fantastic.*Itís something I didnít think was needed and now I canít live without. *Itís just awesome. *(At least it is on the iPhone 6 Plus).

    And what about thisÖ you want to know where the iPhone 6 Plus would be PERFECT at? In the dashboard of my car. *Itís the perfect size. *Just think for a secondÖ if Apple would put a CarPlay feature in the iPhone 6 Plus, car makers would then make an in-dash mounting system - so when you put your iPhone 6 Plus into the Ďradio deckí, CarPlay is enabled, and BOOM! *You would then probably have one of the best car radios on the market. *That. Would. Be. Awesome. *The iPhone 6 Plus is the perfect size for a car radio.

    Final Thoughts
    I think I stated all I have to say. The iPhone 6 Plus is a phablet true and true.*If you concede to this, then its size becomes 100% expected and fine. Itís all about that ďcertain point of viewĒ (~Obi-Wan Kenobi - Return of the Jedi). *Because I love my iPad and because I depend on being more mobile now than ever, the iPhone 6 Plus is a perfect fit for me. *I treat it like a tablet, and I do get frustrated when Iím reminded Iím on a phone due to ĎiPhone appsí. *The size doesnít bother me because itís a tablet - er phablet. *It does lose a sense of that sexiness with a case, albeit my Apple Leather Case is amazing. *

    If you are up for a new phone, the iPhone 6 is the best. *If you want to upgrade your experience to more of a phablet usage, hands down the iPhone 6 Plus is the winner.
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    10-13-2014 11:17 AM
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    Welcome to iMore, and ConGrats on your new iPhone, GLAD you like it. Thanks for your review.....ENJOY
    10-13-2014 11:29 AM
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    I can't wait to get that damn thing. But wait I must. 2 more weeks best case 5 more weeks worse case.
    10-13-2014 11:56 AM
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    Whats with all the asterisks?
    10-13-2014 09:13 PM
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    How is the speaker quality? I ask because my wife and I will probably use this to watch netflix in bed. We currently watch on an iPad mini retina and the speaker is bearable but we often use a bluetooth speaker.
    10-14-2014 06:08 PM
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    How is the speaker quality? I ask because my wife and I will probably use this to watch netflix in bed. We currently watch on an iPad mini retina and the speaker is bearable but we often use a bluetooth speaker.
    Welcome to iMore. I can't say on the 6+, but have the 6 and the speaker quality is very good.
    10-14-2014 08:33 PM
  7. shief24's Avatar
    How is the speaker quality? I ask because my wife and I will probably use this to watch netflix in bed. We currently watch on an iPad mini retina and the speaker is bearable but we often use a bluetooth speaker.
    Speaker quality is good but you might want to use the Bluetooth speaker. I think it's similar to the rMini
    10-15-2014 12:32 AM

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