1. jean3109's Avatar
    Was going to go with the space gray one but then seen the gold one wow.. this years version I like alot better just because the gold wraps completely around I likely alot lol..

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    09-20-2014 07:51 AM
  2. EmceeGeek's Avatar
    The more I see it the more I'm starting to like it but I still think the space grey looks great.
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    09-20-2014 07:52 AM
  3. jean3109's Avatar
    I just dont like that its not all black I kinda dont like the gray I want all black everything lol

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    09-20-2014 07:55 AM
  4. jean3109's Avatar
    But I do agree the gold is pretty cool might have to get it

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    09-20-2014 07:56 AM
  5. runner7395's Avatar
    I only like the black screen so my only option was space grey.
    09-20-2014 08:22 AM
  6. anon(52425)'s Avatar
    The gold looked almost like it had a pink hue to me. Maybe it was the Apple store lighting but the 5S I have looked more gold-ish over the 6/6+
    09-20-2014 08:44 AM
  7. jaymojones's Avatar
    I have to admit as well, the god one does look really nice. I almost had one yesterday too.

    I was second in line at the AT&T store. I had called earlier in the week and was told that I could come in and pay my next off and get the phone. So I go in and say I want a 6 plus 128gb. The rep says only color we don't have is space gray, how about gold. So I say sure. We're almost at the end of the transaction and it does not give him the option to let me pay the 12 months up. He says, well you have another line that will allow you to do it, so I say okay. He goes to speak to his manager and comes back and says the only thing is, we have to have the phone here. The phone is at my daughters school (which is 10 min from the store), so I ask can you hold it while I go get the phone? He says he can't hold it and so does the manager. I leave any way and come back and there is still a huge line outside and as I am walking up, they come out and tell everyone that there is no more 6 pluses in stock. So I go off a little and the manager walks over and says that the rep held the order for me, but I would have to stand back in line.

    I finally get in and the rep brings a silver phone and says that this is the last one. So I ended up with a silver 6 plus 128gb.
    09-20-2014 07:17 PM
  8. Sekelani Zwambila's Avatar
    Space grey is my favorite. I just love it. Gold looks cool but I got over it with the 5s
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    09-20-2014 07:31 PM
  9. kjung7's Avatar
    Wanted the space grey but Verizon store only had silver or gold. Chose silver and am very happy. I usually in get black phones but the white on the 6plus looks great.

    Just fyi this year's gold is a little more yellow apparently.
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    09-20-2014 07:59 PM
  10. BreakingKayfabe's Avatar
    Never have cared for gold. But it looks much, much nicer on the 5S than it does the sixes. Those white antenna bands just make it look god awful.
    09-20-2014 08:05 PM
  11. jean3109's Avatar
    I actually like the white antenna bands

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    09-20-2014 08:56 PM

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