1. Luis Flores2's Avatar
    Yea mine too! If I don't get a tracking number my impatient ness will take over and I'll be waiting in someone's line lol
    I almost canceled my order last night and instead planned on waiting in line at my nearest apple store , I'm glad I slept on that idea.

    You ordered early on in the pre-ordering so hopefully you'll get some shipping today 👍

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    09-17-2014 09:56 AM
  2. Multibella's Avatar
    I personally will never pre-order from AT&T again. I was one of the first ones to place the order, for the iPhone 6 Plus 16gb space gray and my order status says that it will ship within 21-28days.
    What is the purpose of pre-ordering then? This is bull! I called ATT yesterday to complain about this situation and the representative has the balls to tell me that the release day for iPhone 6 is the 19th and the iPhone 6 Plus is not being released on the 19th, the date is to be determined by apple (lies). I was like do you think I'm stupid and don't have access to read the news on the internet? However, I called an ATT store this morning and they had the iPhone 6+ but they were sold in the first few mins of the store being opened.

    Then, I asked, if I go to the apple store today and buy the phone, is there a penalty for cancelling the order? She said they cannot promise cancelling the order. That most likely I would have the phone delivered anyway and I would have to ship it back to get a refund. What kind of a system is this, doesn't your system update with a cancellation? Seriously?

    I'm not happy with my experience and think that this pre-order process is unfair and misleading.
    09-19-2014 08:39 AM
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