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    This one's a challenge and I've been trying to fix it. I hope someone out there can help me

    A few days ago, my phone (5s, 64gb, iOS 10.0.2) was misbehaving and then I realized my wifi backup wasn't working (yes, plugged in, locked, & strong wifi & internet signal). Last successful backup: 12/26. Problem #1.

    Problem #2:
    It hasn't been able to connect to iTunes for several months. I get an error message (that I can't recall right now, something about the phone, itself).

    Then, yesterday, it was really acting up, so I turned it off (not a hard reset). And when it came back, my messages app (which previously had thousands of messages) was totally wiped clean. Now, I cannot send or receive any messages. Problem #3.

    The rest of the day-to-day functions on the phone are fine, AND my storage indicator shows 5+ gb of saved messages. I hope that means they are still here somewhere. I've tried turning it off and on, airplane mode off and on, restarting OTA backups, etc. but still, messages is totally disabled. Help!
    01-02-2017 10:56 AM

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