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    My new iphone 5S has never been in water. It started saying No SIM when I arrived in England 2 weeks ago. The phone was working perfectly in Canada - I turned it to airplane mode at the airport and then when I plugged it in to charge it, I could no longer send messages or make calls. I took it to the Apple store yesterday and was told that the sensors were activated. There is no water damage apparent to the phone and everything else works. I can still play games, take photos, check email when connected to wifi! Why won't my phone work? And what options do i have. I don't have the extra warranty to have it replaced.
    07-08-2016 06:37 AM
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    Ok are you talking about it having service in the UK? Are you SURE it's SIM unlocked? Or if you are trying to use your Canadian SIM are you sure they proved global service and did you sign up for it?

    As for the moisture sensors that can happen. You might have been in the rain, or high humidity or took the device in the bathroom during a hot steamy shower. While these things may not actually damage the phone (and then again they might, but probably not) they CAN trip those pesky sensors.
    07-08-2016 06:47 AM

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