1. john ennenga's Avatar
    Recently purchased new computer with windows 10. Now notice my emails are received on both i phone and PC as usual, but when I delete emails on either one they do not delete on the other one??
    04-02-2016 09:04 PM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    Windows 10 hasn't screwed up your iPhone, in my opinion. You simply have a sync issue, and the problem could be a setting or a problem on the email server's side. If you delete an email via your email account's website, does the deletion immediately sync to your PC or your iPhone?
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    04-02-2016 09:10 PM
  3. john ennenga's Avatar
    If I delete an email on my pc, it is still on my iphone? If I delete an email on my iphone, it is still in my pc?
    04-02-2016 09:53 PM
  4. lyndonjohn's Avatar
    Check your sync settings on your phone and how mails are fetched/pushed.
    04-02-2016 10:43 PM

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